DAO Financial Strategist

All roles with Edgeware are globally remote based. We encourage you to apply regardless of your location.


In summary, this role intersects economics, finance, public policy, and technology. It benefits from an interest and passion in mathematics, game theory, and psychology.

This role will be responsible for financial and economic leadership in a blockchain-based economy. Analytic, communicative, and financial skills are necessary. We can teach the blockchain part, but competitive candidates will understand concepts like staking, bonding curves, have a basic understanding of smart contract platforms and consensus algorithms.


This role would be responsible for:

  • Modeling and communicating the token economics of our platform, and also produce research into economic strategy based on the fast-paced development of our industry.

  • Additionally, they would interface with our community of users, offering compelling suggestions and interaction on recommendations.

  • Providing financial oversight of our blockchain’s public treasury, as well as our DAO’s (think of it like a foundation entity) treasury. This will include asset management recommendations.

  • Work cross-functionally with legal thinkers, operational leads to produce general and nonspecific guidance to agents in our ecosystem.

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