Senior Blockchain Engineer (Rust)

All roles with Edgeware are globally remote based. We encourage you to apply regardless of your location.


The blockchain engineer role is a full-stack devops role. This engineer is responsible for learning about all interoperability projects actively being pursued on Edgeware, tracking progress of their dependencies in other open source projects, and integrating & developing solutions on Edgeware that extends Edgeware's capabilities to other networks and ecosystems.

It is assumed that this engineer will also write articles about the state of interoperabililty technology on Edgeware, regularly updating the community with progress that is happening with related grant projects, Edgeware Alpha teams, as well as anything internal.

This engineer (whether now or through training):

  • Should be able to run Edgeware blockchain and its testnets under various configurations.
  • Should be able to launch new technology on development networks and test such changes.
  • Should be able to launch and test upgrades, and diagnose issues and ways of solving them.
  • Should be able to actively monitor interoperability projects in the ecosystem and write regular updates internally and for the broader community.
  • Should be able to develop technical solutions for using Edgeware more easily with tutorials on their usage.
  • Have a senior-developer understanding of Rust


The main areas of interest for this engineer are:

  • Maintenance of Edgeware node upgrades and migrations.
  • Launching testnets and integrating/using new pallets.
  • Launching bridges from Edgeware to other networks
  • Developing technical tooling around ones areas of ownership.
    • Writing scripts for running testnets, integrating pallets, and running bridges
    • Using node analytics built into Edgeware node to monitor node infrastructure
    • Setting up cloud infrastructure, VPS, etc. to manage full/validating nodes
  • Writing detailed documents about one's own progress, the state of testnets/bridges, and the state of other interoperability projects in the space.
  • Tracking parachain status, integrating cumulus, and detailing the parachain bonding process

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