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Brand Assets

The Edgeware logo displayed in the official colors and usage patterns.
Do not place the logo on top of other objects and leave a reasonable amount of margin around the outside so the logo is clearly visible.

  • Logo asset Main Logotype (alternative)
    Main Logotype (alternative)PNGSVG
  • Logo asset Dark Logotype (alternative)
    Dark Logotype (alternative)PNGSVG
  • Logo asset White Logotype (alternative)
    White Logotype (alternative)PNGSVG
  • Logo asset Main Logo Mark (alternative)
    Main Logo Mark (alternative)PNGSVG
  • Logo asset Dark Logo Mark (alternative)
    Dark Logo Mark (alternative)PNGSVG
  • Logo asset White Logo Mark (alternative)
    White Logo Mark (alternative)PNGSVG

Press Enquiries

For media inquiries, please contact @EdgewarePress Telegram group.