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Edgeware is a smart contract chain with a community-managed treasury, decentralized proposal system and network of DAOs.

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Your blockchain project starts here.

Edgeware is a platform for the next generation of decentralized applications.

On Edgeware, Ethereum developers can deploy Solidity/EVM smart contracts with few or no changes, while new developers can get started with Rust and WebAssembly.

Builders and organizers can find a place in one of Edgeware’s many collectives funded by the on-chain treasury to expand the network and explore new ideas.

The treasury and chain are governed by a fairly-launched, widely distributed set of stakeholders established during the lockdrop, one of the largest Ethereum token generation events in 2018.

Governed by thousands, owned by no-one, open to all.

The best place to work in crypto.

Building new things is hard. Edgeware helps people more easily connect, share skills and receive funding for new projects as part of the existing ecosystem and beyond.

Own your identity

With Edgeware you own your identity, control your data and can engage in the community using your real name or as an anonymous contributor.

Join a Working Group or start your own

Browse the established working groups and connect with others who share your interests or if you don’t see what you’re looking for start something new.

Manage your project to success

Once you have received funding you can access a range of tools that will make the management, tracking and reporting of the project easier.

Build your reputation

As you contribute you can develop a reputation through a range of achievements that attribute value to your profile and signal your value to the community.

Request funding from the treasury

Utilize Edgeware’s community treasury to receive seed funding for your new Working Group or request larger amounts for a fully developed project plan.

Bridge digital and physical entities

For more ambitious projects that require the coordination and funding of teams, we are making it easy to link DAOs to established corporate structures.

Edgeware Collectives

Find your people.

Rather than attempting to coordinate a single community, Edgeware’s evolving organizational structure is designed to delegate power to small groups who become masters of their destiny, whilst still accountable to their peers.

Whether you are looking to develop an idea, a team looking to launch a project or an established community looking to add rocket fuel to your dreams, Edgeware is a place you can call home.

Edgeware Collectives
Edgeware Collectives

A crypto-native organizational structure

Edgeware has one of the widest and fairest distributions in crypto, however the core challenge remains how best to connect, coordinate and accelerate the collective endeavors of its nascent community.

With no central authority dictating activities, the answer lies in progressively decentralizing the management and development of the network via a tiered system of organizational structures and reward mechanics that enable different roles to push things forward.

This framework enables the project to organize its emerging resource pool intelligently and efficiently whilst working to expand the utility, value and awareness of the network.

Edgeware organisation simple model
Edgeware organisation full model
Chain Workers

Focuses on technical strategy, culture and operations. Supported by contractor funding.

Working Groups

Focuses on emerging challenges and opportunities. Supported by seed funding.

Project Teams

Puts forward proposals that are funded based on the completion of agreed milestones.

Ecosystem DAOs

More ambitious entities that take larger grants and return value to the treasury.

An introduction to the EDG token.

The EDG token incentivizes and rewards participants in the ecosystem, ensuring everyone remains aligned to a common purpose of expanding both the usefulness and awareness of the network.

The token has one of the widest distributions in cryptocurrency. Over 15 million unique addresses received the token as part of the 2019 lockdrop.

This offers the project a huge advantage over less well-distributed projects in terms of the breadth of its ownership, lack of outside influence and the scale of the opportunity to increase its value.

The primary features of the EDG token and economic system:

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EDG is used to pay for transaction fees and contract rental.

Voting power

Token holders can use their tokens to vote on decisions in the network.

Funding development

A proportion of EDG tokens are pooled into the projects native treasury.

Staking rewards

By locking up tokens as a validator or by nominating, holders receive rewards.

EDG Token Distribution

Edgeware has one of the widest and fairest distributions in all of the cryptocurrencies market.

EDG Token Distribution: Public Lockdrop: 90%, Commonwealth Labs: 4.5%, Parity: 3%, Strategic Advisors 2.5%EDG Token Distribution: Public Lockdrop: 90%, Commonwealth Labs: 4.5%, Parity: 3%, Strategic Advisors 2.5%

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