A self-improving smart contract blockchain

Edgeware is an experimental blockchain for demonstrating the effectiveness of on-chain governance. Participants in the network vote, delegate, and fund each other to improve the network.

We are implementing a community token distribution that gives away >90% of initial tokens. For more updates, sign up here:

Built for network participants

Decentralized app developers

Deploy Ethereum apps in a lower-stakes environment with real users and incentives.

Stakers and validators

Receive tokens for validating the network. Participate in a full on-chain governance process.

Governance developers

Create experimental organizations with hot-swappable voting, delegation, and fund management systems.

Core network developers

Deploy scalability and security upgrades on an actively-governed staging network.

The lockdrop

Edgeware will be launched via a lockdrop, a modified airdrop where participants timelock ETH to receive EDG.

The lockdrop will take place in early 2019, and will distribute >90% of initial tokens to participants who timelock their ETH for 1 – 2 years. Participants will be able to use their own timelock contracts, and will get 100% of their ETH back afterwards.

This broad token distribution will bring a wider set of participants into the governance process.

The Edgeware stack

Effective on-chain governance requires new technologies to be built: cryptographic primitives, economic structures, and systems for social collaboration.

Edgeware will build these systems through a process of recursive self-improvement. On-chain governance will be used to choose and fund improvements, and launch them on the network.

Dev Tools
Parity Substrate

About Commonwealth Labs

Edgeware is a project by Commonwealth Labs, which builds governance systems for decentralized networks. Our founding team and advisors include:
Dillon Chen
VC at Turing Capital
Raymond Zhong
Product at Predata, AngelList
Drew Stone
Quant at MANA, Ethereum dev at Chronicled
Michael Karnjanaprakorn
Founder of Skillshare
Ryan Zurrer
Web3 Foundation; former Polychain venture partner