A self-improving smart contract blockchain

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Edgeware is the live, mainnet 3rd generation, self-upgrading smart contract platform in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Unlike previous blockchains, in Edgeware, the users organize into groups, projects and businesses to develop the chain, along with their own products and services, funded by the public through Edgeware's innovative on-chain treasury, like a digital city, legislated by elected participants.

We launched the network with a unique distribution we designed called the lockdrop, pioneering the Fair Launch: No ICO or pre-mine.
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Key ideas

Polkadot's first smart contract chain

Once the Polkadot is live, the parachain of Edgeware will be the easiest & simplest way to participate and to deploy code to the Polkadot network.

About Polkadot

Powered by WebAssembly and EVM.

Edgeware smart contracts are written in Rust/Ink and executed in WASM, for an order-of-magnitude speedup. And with EVM support, Solidity devs can redeploy their work with minimal changes.

Smart Contracts

Actively governed, with a treasury

Edgeware's on-chain treasury ensures the protocol will always be funded and maintained, while chain upgrades can be voted in by anyone: digital democracy.

About Governance

A pioneer chain in governance

Edgeware will be a testbed for mechanisms like on-chain identity, quadratic voting, and modular governance, and incentives for participation.

About Our Vision

The lockdrop

Edgeware was launched via a lockdrop, a modified airdrop where participants timelock ETH to receive EDG.

In Summer 2019, >90% of tokens were distributed in the genesis block to participants, marking the fairest distribution of known networks.

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The Edgeware stack

Effective on-chain governance requires a new tech to be built: DAOs, economic mechanisms, cryptographic voting systems, and interfaces for collaboration.

Edgeware will build these systems through a process of recursive self-improvement. On-chain governance will be used to choose and fund improvements, and launch them on the network.

Dev Tools
Parity Substrate

The Community

Edgeware's lockdrop was coordinated by developer Commonwealth Labs, but the network is community-owned and operated. You can see what the community is up to, and join the conversation at Commonwealth.im discussion and governance forum.