Edgeware Lockdrop

The Edgeware lockdrop is now closed and this interface and the lockdrop contracts will no longer operate. Thank you to all particpants. For updates on the project, see https://twitter.com/heyEdgeware.

Lockdrop contract address
Contract audited by Quantstamp. Verify the code and ABI on Etherscan.
EDG public key (hex)
Your EDG will go to this public key. If you do not have a public key, create one using the instructions.

If you want to be eligible to run a validator node at the genesis block, you must select Lock.

Early locking bonuses apply on top of lock duration bonuses.

Signaled balances are only counted at the end of the lockdrop.

Lock amount
The amount of ETH you are locking.
Validate at network launch
Select yes to stake your EDG at network launch. This will require you to have a validator node online when the genesis block launches.
Signaled address (optional)

Enter the address whose ETH balance you are signaling.

You may enter the address you are sending from, or the address of a contract you have created.

Signaled contract nonce (optional)

If you are signaling a contract, enter the nonce used when the contract was created. Otherwise, enter 0.

Submit transaction

Select MyCrypto if you are using a Ledger, Trezor, or Safe-T hardware wallet, or an offline keystore file.

You should be prompted by your Web3 wallet to sign and send the transaction.

You are interacting with the Ropsten Testnet contract. Make sure MyCrypto is configured to use testnet funds.

Step 1.

Open MyCrypto, and select Tools › Interact with Contracts.

For security, we recommend using desktop MyCrypto with a hardware wallet.

Step 2.

Select Custom as the contract. Copy the lockdrop contract address into the designated input.


Step 3.

Copy the JSON ABI into the designated input. Make sure there are no extra spaces or line breaks.


Step 4.

Click the Access button. Select signal or lock from the dropdown, and input the following data.


Step 5.

Unlock your wallet, and then go to Value, and enter the amount of ETH you are locking. Leave blank if you are signaling.


Step 6.

Uncheck 'Automatically Calculate Gas Limit' and set your gas limit to 150000.

Sign and send the transaction.

Congratulations! You can share your participation in the Edgeware Lockdrop here:

Step 1.

Clone the edgeware-lockdrop repository locally. Refer to the README for questions as well as the structure of the API.

Step 2.

Create a .env file in the root directory of the repository, containing the following data.


Step 3.

Use the API to send the appropriate locking or signaling transaction.


Locking 0.5 ETH for 3 months, as a validator at network launch, on mainnet

node ./scripts/lockdrop.js --remoteUrl https://mainnet.infura.io --lock --lockLength 3 --lockValue 0.5 --isValidator
Signaling from a specified contract with a specified nonce, on mainnet
node ./scripts/lockdrop.js --remoteUrl https://mainnet.infura.io --signal $FROM_CONTRACT --nonce $NONCE_OF_SIGNAL_CONTRACT